Snow Day!

It all started yesterday (Friday) around 3 p.m. and picked up steam into the early evening, with about an inch or so on the ground by the time Mom and I left for the Chili Supper at the United Methodist Church in the next town over. She needed to get out (she hadn’t been out of the house since Monday, when we took her to physical therapy) and when I got home from the gym she was all dolled up (hair, make up, change of clothes) yet she was fretting about the weather. I told her I would get her there and back just fine, and she agreed to go, despite her fears of ending up in the ditch and not being able to escape the car. In spite of the snow, about forty folks showed up (I think I was the only person there under 60, mabye 65) and Mom had a great time visiting with friends, getting out, noshing on some chili, and hoovering up four different desserts (she’s been a sucker for sweets of late). So much for her lack of appetite! The ride home was uneventful, we saw no ditches up close and personal, and we got home about 7:30 safe and sound.

I awoke to about four inches of very beautiful snow on the ground, so my plans to head to the gym were thrashed. Feeling rather pudgy, I wanted to go but decided that tomorrow morning sounded like a better idea (Mom’s convinced that anyone driving on any amount of snow will end up in a ditch…see above), so I did a few things around the house with and for her, and I’m in my room and posting. HOORAY!

So first up, the goodies……here’s some of my hand-dyed sock yarn, 100% superwash Australian merino, in 4-ounce (113g) hanks that hold 560 yards (500m) of uber-soft deliciousness. Each is $25 and $2 to mail, or $27 for one….more than one and we’ll have to talk about postage (it goes down per hank, obviously). I’m able to do personal checks, money orders, PayPal, or credit cards (via PayPal)–whatever works for you. Ready?

First off, there’s one of my favorites, Bluebells

followed by Green Goblin

and the ever-popular Ursula

or maybe some Solar Flare

quenched with some Under The Sea

or possibly have a Fiesta

and last, some Tiger Lily

Questions? Need to have some IMMEDIATELY? Slip me an e-mail and we’ll get this party started! There’s just ONE HANK OF EACH COLOURWAY (that’s the way I dye them, folks), so if you like what you see, hurry hurry. I don’t do repeats (I don’t take notes or mix dyes to any specific recipes), so don’t be disappointed. (and e-mails show up immediately on my phone, so there shouldn’t be much of a lag at all before I’m back in touch with you)

Need ideas on what to do with a hank (besides a generous pair of socks? At this yardage/weight, there’s way more than enough in there for socks with tons left over, but maybe you don’t make socks? There’s plenty of yarn for a Multnomah, and if you’re on Ravelry you can look up Willow Cowl, Haruni (a beautiful smaller shawl), or any number of other projects using their pattern search tool and narrowing down the list by yarn weight (fingering) and yardage (560). Go ahead, dream a little!

I’ve been busy with the needles again (no hooking, just needles). I finished up Chris’ socks a few days ago and finally closed the toe up last night, so they went for their obligatory dip and are now on the sock blockers, drying

and I’m contemplating which of these two

will be the next pair I work on. On the left is a toe-up pair I’m actually making for myself, out of some DELISH stuff from a great buddy in Canada (HI JANICE), and the right side is some Prism Saki that will become a pair for one of my references (she agreed to write the letters PRIOR to knowing I’d make her socks). Decsions, decisions.

For a quick and portable project, I’m still grinding out a few pairs of the Maine Morning Mitts

as I have the pattern memorized and can make them fairly quickly. I picked up this yarn (Treisure Intrigue) in KC when I was there last month, as it just said “Mom needs these” when I saw it–purples, blues, greens, and a little fuzzy from the slight mohair content. Also going on the needles soon will be a cowl out of some Malabrigo Worsted that’s been languishing in my stash

using a pattern I found in the Malabrigo fan group on Ravelry. Looks to be an interesting and easy knit, with a fun finishing detail. More soon.

And last, I’ll share with you the ALMOST finished photo of my Mom’s Ruana (Oat Couture pattern, Lana Grossa Royal Tweed)

I wanted it finished to use as a Christmas gift for her, but no such luck. I did bind off while on the road last month (I think it was completed one evening in Columbia, just before heading to KC the next day). I need to hide the ends and block it (where? probably in an empty cabin… she doesn’t see it) and she’ll receive it next week for Valentine’s Day. By then, our weather will be more favorable for using this as a jacket instead of needing a heavier coat right now. Or maybe a few weeks later……….

That’s about it from snowy Missouri. Tomorrow morning means an early trip to town for mass and the gym (church first, thank you!) and then some pregame preparations before dinner with Dad here (he’s making lasagna so I’ll whip up some foccacia…which neither of them have ever had!) and then watching the Super Bowl. Otherwise, that’s my weekend…….be well, and stay warm!


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