Alive And Well

I am alive

and well

as evidenced by both of those photos, which were taken the first week in July (just a couple days ago). I’m happy, healthy, and handling some major changes in my life in a good way. Hopefully I can share some of this in upcoming posts.

I’ve also been knitting

cranking out a scarf for my Mom (just made it Saturday, so it is still in my possession and she has no idea it exists). I’ve also made a couple things for my “mother in law” (her words…but I won’t argue)

Including a Gaia Shoulder Hug (a free pattern via Ravelry) as well as the first of a pair of socks

It was GREAT to whip out a sock for the first time in FOREVER…..I started it )toe up) on Saturday at a craft show and tore that out on Monday. I restarted it top-down that same day, worked the majority of the leg and heel turn after finishing the first ball of the shawl (Tuesday). I picked up a second ball for the shawl on Thursday, finished the shawl this morning and went back to the sock. During a concert this evening, I whipped out the entire foot (that says alot, as her feet are 10″ long!) and did the toe and closed it up by ten tonight. It fits PERFECTLY and now she’s clamoring for the second sock….which is not yet cast on.

Peace and love to everyone reading this…….I am well. Life is good. Change is around me.



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7 responses to “Alive And Well

  1. mary~

    Welcome back!

  2. Sandy S

    Good to see you are doing well! Miss your blogs.

  3. Judy S

    So glad to here that you are doing well. Great to see some knitting.

  4. pattie

    welcome back! Glad you are well!

  5. Melissa

    So glad to see you back here and to know you are well.

  6. mary~

    Rob, dear, you are doing it again, not posting again 😦
    please post more often, it does not have to be everyday
    but once a week, maybe?
    Hope you are well!

  7. mary~

    Hi Rob,
    please drop us a little line & let us know u r ok…

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