Drive-By Posting

I’ve been knitting (and crocheting) like mad the past couple weeks, getting ready for a sale/show tomorrow (Saturday) in a nearby town. Plus this past week was our last one before Spring Break, so it’s been crazy-busy at school for me (and my learners). More about that part in my next post–PROMISE!

But look at these ADORABLE sweaters I’ve whipped up recently, that I’m almost positive will sell tomorrow

I finished them up tonight, with lots of sewing of buttons and ribbons. I despise that kind of detail work, but the finishing touches really make the final project sing.

Sorry about throwing out the teaser post of me being “alive” and then not posting for over a week. But I’m happy and healthy and loving my new life. I miss aspects of the “old life”, but mostly that’s the people and the connections that I made over the years.

I’m definitely happy………and there’s a reason for a BIG part of that smile

that I get to visit in Austin, TX, during my Spring Break week that just started. I fly in on Monday and return Saturday. And he’s a GREAT guy….and we’re taking it very, VERY slowly. But he does wear Wranglers very, VERY well

PS–most of you who remember the “old me” wouldn’t recognize the new me…..on so many levels. And that’s a GOOD thing….LOL.

Much love and laughter to you all………..



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2 responses to “Drive-By Posting

  1. mary~

    Welcome back Rob!!!!
    Wishing you & your new person in
    your life ALL the best!….
    i am a really,really take it slow
    kinda person, so that made me smile)

  2. Janeen

    so glad to know you alive. I miss you. Janeen

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