Posting While Waiting……

Heading to Austin, as mentioned yesterday, for several days of Spring Break and to spend some time with Kris (butt photo in previous post). I’m spending a three-hour layover by goofing off online and should eventually break out a shawl or sock project that’s in my bag (worked on socks on the first leg and finished the leg and started the heel flap–I’m still a “traditionalist” when it comes to sock construction).

I was a vendor at an arts/crafts show this past weekend, and it was a disaster. Poorly attended, tight wallets, and some vendors didn’t sell a single item, and even more didn’t cover booth fees ($25 a table…..OUCH). I was slightly (only SLIGHTLY) more fortunate, but I still had PLENTY of time on my hands to work on various projects, including getting the ENTIRE body and pouch done on a size 2 Wonderful Wallaby in camo colors (all the pink and sparkly and feminine yarns I’ve been working with needed a counterpart!). I whipped up the sleeves and the rest of the body on Sunday (gotta love kid things–they go SO quickly) and finished the neck and hood this morning, before packing my suitcase and heading out. I’m VERY pleased with the finished results

and can’t wait to get back home (well, not really) to block it and soak it in some softener to combat the scritch of “Coeur de Rouge”. I brought some of the same yarn in the pink camo version with me, so I’ll work on that once I get to Austin, in my (limited) free time.

I think the finished sweater turned out STINKIN’ CUTE and look forward to seeing how the next one works up. I suspect these may be popular later this year at various craft shows, so I want to stock up now while I have some down time. Plus, it’s nice to work on something other than my “standard fare” that I make over and over and over again to sell in my booth (fingerless mitts, baby hats, and assorted household things like potholders and more).

I’m more than a little anxious about the week down in Texas, as Kris and I have yet to meet in person (it nearly happened in February, but I couldn’t sneak away, and he started a new job that month). We’ve talked and talked and talked over the past four months (nearly five) and we text all day long and talk at least once a day (and always say “good night” to each other…’s kinda sweet). So this five/six days together should prove interesting and hopefully back up what we both are thinking in terms of “what a great guy” the other is. Plus, I’ve never been to this part of Texas (copious amounts of time in Dallas, lots in Houston, some in other parts, too), and I hear great things about Austin. I also have several good friends who live there, many of whom I see regularly on the rodeo circuit, and two who I’ve known for 15 years (dating back to my years in Atlanta–pre-Matt!).

My last leg leaves in under an hour, and I’ll be there about 10 p.m. local time. Here’s to potential….and possible new beginnings!


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