Matters Not

Either way (see last post), the wallaby is now finished

and going to be blocked in the next couple days. I”m preparing HARD for the start of “market season” (flea markets, farmer’s markets, and the occasional craft/art show) that starts this coming weekend, as well having to stock two different gift shops in art galleries in the area during the upcoming week. EEEEK–I had better get super-productive (I’m already productive) and get more and more stuff completed to offer for sale.

Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons were both spent judging a trail riding competition just over the border in New Mexico (probably a 45-minute drive from my front door). The weather was PICTURE PERFECT and I had a great time both days, working with the 20+ riders that participated, as well as the other judges and the organizer (who’s a friend and the sister of a colleague). Plus, Saturday afternoon when all riders were in, one of them let me borrow her horse and I got to take a nice ride of my own. Here’s a quick shot of me, getting ready to take out to judge on Saturday morning

That’s my oldest hat, a great 10x Stetson with a special wide brim that suits me. It’s been far too long since I’ve been on a horse (almost a year) and I miss riding. I enjoyed being back up in the saddle again, and I hope to ride more and more as the summer progresses. It was good to be around horse people and the horses themselves this weekend. More in the near future, I’m VERY sure of that!

That’s about all I’ve got right now, as I need to turn in and get some rest before the week starts……it’s testing week for us at school (we offer the GED on the first Friday of the month), so it should be BUSY as folks get prepared to take from one to all five parts of the test. And there’s a strong chance one of my learners will take and pass her last section this week. It will be bittersweet milestone, as it’s been a joy to work with her over the past 5+ months as she turns her life around, finished her equivalency diploma, and then gets ready for college in the fall. We have the most amazing dim sum of learners at our school, and I really get attached to some of them (this is definitely one!).

Happy new week…..see you again soon!



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3 responses to “Matters Not

  1. Melissa

    Hey Matt!! Hadn’t checked your blog in quite some time but am glad to see you back! Love the sweaters you’ve been knitting up. I’m glad to hear you are busy and happy.

    • robmatyska

      Actually, this is Rob, not Matt. We used to be fairly interchangeable, but that all ended four years ago (grin)

  2. Patricia Tipton

    Hey Rob – I have kept track of you over the years via your blog but now I’m lost. I thought you were in Kansas City but it looks like it is the southwest since New Mexico is just a few miles from your front step. I’m happy to see you looking so good and so happy. Take Care – The Dancing Bear

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