A Quick Update

So, thank you to everyone who followed the link I posted yesterday and purchased the K*Tog booklet. As of this evening, over $2,100 has been raised for Other Options, the grass-roots community organization doing great things in the OKC area with disaster relief. That’s incredible! Especially when you consider that it has yet to be posted to Ravelry, where many folks are waiting so they can keep it in their library there.

That’s a great start, and I know that a good bit more will be raised by the end of the three-month period that the e-book is offered for sale. And yes, that means you only have until August 31st to get your copy–it won’t be online forever……just three months.

In the mean time, summer session started at work, and that means a reduced work schedule for everyone at our agency, as well as a few of us doing different things in different locations. Each of us gets a month completely off–either June or July. My month is July, so I’m working Monday through Thursday from 8-12 each morning. I’m filling in for our usual instructor at the detention center on the reservation (there’s a large reservation in our community, and our agency does adult basic education and GED prep for the residents), and not only are the short days/work week a welcome switch, I’ve also enjoyed meeting these folks and working with them the past two days. It’s a new challenge for me, and I’m enjoying having my afternoons AND evenings free (I’ve taught two nights a week since August). I’ve been crafting a bunch and beefing up my stock for the various markets and shows I’m doing this year, as well as just taking it easy and enjoying my new digs (I moved into a new place at the end of May, and while it’s smaller than the last place I lived, it’s also less expensive and QUITE cozy). Life is great right now, on many/most fronts.

Be well, and again–thank you for your purchases supporting disaster relief in Oklahoma. Knitters are amazing people!


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