Totally Inside My Head

An interesting day afoot in these parts……Fridays in June will be the ONLY day of the week I get to sleep in (I teach M-Th and have markets on Sat/Sun all month), so I woke up a little after 9 and crawled out about 9:45. HEAVEN. Most of the day will be spent creating new stock for the weekend of sales, as well as getting things tagged and prepped, and eventually tonight I will load the car with everything (so I don’t have to do it at 6 a.m.), as I normally do before a market weekend.

But what makes it even more introspective for me is that one year ago today, I arrived here in Colorado, excited and anxious about a wealth of new possibilities. While some parts of it didn’t go as planned (who ever expects to find a pathological liar?), others have exceeded expectations. I had never been to this part of the US before, and had only been to Denver once–for a conference in graduate school, back in 1994–and I’m totally enamoured with the setting I find myself in right now.

I live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world, without question. However, it’s a little remote (the closest Target is 90 minutes away and the largest community in the county is 28,000 people–Durango, which is 20 miles away). I’ve not really reached out too much to the gay community (used LOOSELY) here, but that’s on list for this year. I’ve talked with some great guys (most at a distance) and even met a couple of them that have definitely caught my eye.

But I’ve spent most of the year really working on my career and in putting down some (shallow) roots here. I’ve made a handful of good friends here, but I miss a sense of “tribe” and being able to hang with friends, being silly and social and spur of the moment. Thanks to my rodeo family far and wide, I’ve had some great times and can talk to several about intimate topics when I need to.

The coming months will see me focusing on myself again–changing my body how I want to and achieving those goals, enhancing myself financially and emotionally, and continuing to do the things that will forward my professional life, as well as getting more involved in my local community (used in a broader sense–being a good citizen, doing things to enhance the place I live, and getting involved in some of the GLBTQ stuff going on here).

I see nothing but blue skies ahead, but today is spent inside my head–figuring out where I want to be on June 7, 2014, and beyond.


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