Drive-By Posting

I’ve been knitting (and crocheting) like mad the past couple weeks, getting ready for a sale/show tomorrow (Saturday) in a nearby town. Plus this past week was our last one before Spring Break, so it’s been crazy-busy at school for me (and my learners). More about that part in my next post–PROMISE!

But look at these ADORABLE sweaters I’ve whipped up recently, that I’m almost positive will sell tomorrow

I finished them up tonight, with lots of sewing of buttons and ribbons. I despise that kind of detail work, but the finishing touches really make the final project sing.

Sorry about throwing out the teaser post of me being “alive” and then not posting for over a week. But I’m happy and healthy and loving my new life. I miss aspects of the “old life”, but mostly that’s the people and the connections that I made over the years.

I’m definitely happy………and there’s a reason for a BIG part of that smile

that I get to visit in Austin, TX, during my Spring Break week that just started. I fly in on Monday and return Saturday. And he’s a GREAT guy….and we’re taking it very, VERY slowly. But he does wear Wranglers very, VERY well

PS–most of you who remember the “old me” wouldn’t recognize the new me…..on so many levels. And that’s a GOOD thing….LOL.

Much love and laughter to you all………..



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Hello? Hello? (tap tap tap) Anybody still out there?

I’m thinking about re-starting the old gal…….

Anyone out there remember this old, tired mug


I feel like I’ve got my voice back, and hope that someone’s still checking in occasionally. And I just feel like I’m back in a “sharing” mode.

Hope to see you back here soon!

PS–photo taken Sunday, March 17th, out behind my house. I had to mug it up for the camera…..with my ballcap on backwards.


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Alive And Well

I am alive

and well

as evidenced by both of those photos, which were taken the first week in July (just a couple days ago). I’m happy, healthy, and handling some major changes in my life in a good way. Hopefully I can share some of this in upcoming posts.

I’ve also been knitting

cranking out a scarf for my Mom (just made it Saturday, so it is still in my possession and she has no idea it exists). I’ve also made a couple things for my “mother in law” (her words…but I won’t argue)

Including a Gaia Shoulder Hug (a free pattern via Ravelry) as well as the first of a pair of socks

It was GREAT to whip out a sock for the first time in FOREVER…..I started it )toe up) on Saturday at a craft show and tore that out on Monday. I restarted it top-down that same day, worked the majority of the leg and heel turn after finishing the first ball of the shawl (Tuesday). I picked up a second ball for the shawl on Thursday, finished the shawl this morning and went back to the sock. During a concert this evening, I whipped out the entire foot (that says alot, as her feet are 10″ long!) and did the toe and closed it up by ten tonight. It fits PERFECTLY and now she’s clamoring for the second sock….which is not yet cast on.

Peace and love to everyone reading this…….I am well. Life is good. Change is around me.


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Send In The Clown(s)!

So, it’s been back to the classroom for me again, as of last Thursday. My paperwork (well, for one district) came through on Wednesday and I immediately started to pick up subbing jobs. My first one was at the secondary level, in art (and it was an amazing day) and the past three days I’ve been in a fourth-grade classroom. I don’t have an assignment as of right now for tomorrow (I think I screwed something up in the online system this evening that shows me as “unavailable” for Wednesday, so I’ll call in early in the morning to get an assignment). My lunch is packed, as is a gym bag, so I’ll be up at 5:30 a.m. and showering, so I can call in early in the morning for work.

As mentioned above, art on Thursday was a dream. The teacher has a creative set of classes (in a larger department of multiple instructors) and it was a pleasure to work with kids who were taking classes out of sheer love of the subject matter, versus having to be there. If we had electives like this, I might well have taken more fine art (versus music) classes in high school, but my tiny district could not support that much diversity in an elective area.

The past three days have been an experience, as I had a room of 19 fourth graders (so about 9 or 10 years old) in a self-contained classroom. That means the same teacher has these same students all day long, for every subject (well, they have what they call “specials” for 50 minutes each day, an that rotates across things like PE, art, music, etc.). It was an event, for sure, to have them all day long and for me to be constantly changing gears and covering a wide range of topics…..and remembering to not rush through it, as they’re just 9 years old! Well, Day 1 went fairly well–I’m sure they were louder than I should have let them be, but it was alright. Monday, however, was another story…..

One of the students wasn’t sure he could handle being with a sub all day (I met with the teacher on Thursday after my HS assignment–they elementary school was nearby and let out about an hour after the HS). Well, despite Friday going well, Monday was a different story. School starts about 8:30, and before 9 a.m. there he was….beating himself in the groin with a fist and announcing “I’m wearing a cup today”. Talk amongst yourselves about what’s wrong with that scenario—-and it should be easy to find four or five things, immediately. So, an hour later, when they went to PE, I foisted this one off on the coach…..recanting the story above and asking him to address it, since cups are…..well, PE equipment. He did, and the child came back with a small, pink paper sack holding….something..that was to be put in a backpack immediately. He was a disruption the remainder of the day, so he wasn’t with me today. And the room was much more settled, from the onset of the day and until the end.

So, for now, the subbing thing (as well as Fountain City Fibers is paying the bills. And I will continue to look for mroe substantive employment while working as a sub and dyeing yarn. It seems like the right thing to do right now…..which fits into something else I’ll be sharing in the next post or two…..stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by……and for commenting……and for being there!

Oh, and the clown….that’s me……send me in! (but sometimes it could be the student….just sayin’…..)


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Two Years Later………..

Two years ago today, Friday, September 11, 2009, I regained control of my life and implemented many changes that have reshaped who I am and who I want to be. It is interesting to go back and read the posts from then, as I was (and AM) so excited about exacting change in my life! Further, it’s good to be able to have strong visual reminders of where I was

(I’m in the video from about 0:30 to 0:45…..and this was January 2007, so I got even bigger over the next two years……SCARY!). To where I am now….

which was taken about ten days ago……to the broad, smiling face I snapped just yesterday afternoon

after the gym (for the fifth time this week, and every week). I came home and did a little sculpting on my facial hair. I’ve had the idea that I’ve wanted to change from the wide goatee I’ve sported for over a decade down to just a handlebar-type moustache/goatee thing. It’s fun, it’s different, it’s a change of pace…..and to me, it’s kinda hot. Friends, however, are mixed in their reviews. And yeah, that’s a pretty big smile on my face. I was heading out to have dinner with my ex, Chris, and was looking forward to some good food and great conversation with a close friend. A two-hour meal at Ghengis Khan (a Mongolian barbecue place we’ve tried to go to several times since I moved here in May) was peppered with laughter and concern and excellent advice (both directions). I treasure our time together, and we’ve been off our “once-a-week” schedule for about a month of late. He’s a special part of my life, and someone for whom I’d do anything…..any time.

After that it was an evening out with friends, hanging at Sidekicks (our country bar, where you can actually go and two-step with another man….or a woman if you prefer) and laughing and enjoying the company there. After a few hours there, I hopped over to another bar but it was kinda boring there, so I headed home at a reasonable hour and enjoyed a little peace and quiet in an empty house (my other roommate was still out and about). After sleeping in LATE today (I didn’t get up until 11 a.m.), I’ve been lazy and relaxing. There were plans for a (bonus) trip to the gym today with a friend, but he re-turned his ankle last night and has it elevated–and honestly, I could use the day off for rebuilding. I want to go out and run a few errands here shortly, but first I wanted to get some thoughts up here as a part of my promise to update here more regularly.

So, a quick overview (with further details in upcoming posts) and a quick catch-up for you. I’ve re-discovered my love of making music, in the form of having performed with some long-time college friends in our Marching Mizzou Alumni Band at a recent Mizzou Alumni Association Scholarship Fundraiser.

I hadn’t touched a baritone horn in like…20 or more years…and it showed. I made some pretty horrid sounds (I apologized to the alto sax section repeatedly), but eventually it came back and I felt somewhat competent. We enteretained the crowd, we had FUN, I got to see some friends my from college days I hadn’t seen in years, and we raised money for a good cause. And I now want to head back to campus for homecoming and perform on the field with the group.

Years ago, when I lived in Atlanta (post Chris and pre Matt) I got involved with SEGRA (Southeastern Gay Rodeo Association), which is now no longer. We put on a rodeo called “Southern Spurs” that year, which was a TON of fun but more importantly I met some amazing people, some of whom remain friends of mine to this day. I moved from Atlanta before I could get too involved, which was a shame. There was a similar group in Michigan that I almost joined, but time and life got in the way–yet again. So this summer, when I moved to KC, I immediately joined our local group, MGRA, and have worked on making friends and getting involved.

We had our annual rodeo last weekend, and I worked in the arena, assisting with a wide variety of events. More important, I made some AMAZING new friends (local and across the US) that will be important people to me from here forward. We all speak of how IGRA folks are a family, and it’s very evident when we gather for an event. Unfortunately, the season is winding down and our finals rodeo is next month, in Ft. Worth. Of course, I’m attending, with some amazing friends I made up here right after moving to KC (oddly, they’re from Arkansas) and I’m sure we’ll have a really good time and I’ll get to meet some new folks, too. I doubt I’ll make the convention in November in San Diego, but one never knows…….

And for those of you shocked by the last paragraph, keep reading. Next year (starting in February) I plan to compete in a variety of events. I will spend the fall and winter training/practicing and hit the ground running with the first rodeo in Arizona next year.

That’s probably enough shock for one post……and I’ll share some yarny goodness next time (well, here’s a link to the recent dye run I did last week….GORGEOUS stuff….BUY IT!!! I’m broke with bills!).


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Wow, Really? REALLY?

Have I really neglected this blog so much that it’s been close to two months since I posted and even worse before that?

Sunday marks two years since I took the reins of my life and started making the changes I wanted to see in myself–inside and out. Interestingly, that date was Friday, September 11th, 2009. And now, two years later, our entire country is focused on marking ten years since the attacks on our nation, and rightly so. Media run pieces about rebuilding, moving on, and how things have changed in the landscape of our country, and I see so many parallels in my regular day-to-day existence (not to trivialize the events of that day in any way).

There’s so much to share with you that I feel overwhelmed on where to start, but I’ll just dive in with my next post and get started. I’m thinner, I’ve been building (good) body mass, I’ve found a couple new activities that I am going after whole hog (one’s not really NEW to me, but since it’s been over a decade……we’ll call it new), and there’s a number of other significant and important events to cover as well.

Thanks for sticking with me, look for posts resuming NOW…..and of course, I sure hope to be inspirational and motivational and more……starting NOW.

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Quick Update, Happy News

So, visited with my trainer at the gym today and we took measurements after five weeks of hard work. GREAT results. Down 10.6 pounds. Neck down 1/2″. Chest up 1″–and it wasn’t just up an inch, but down a bunch of fat and up a good bit of muscle (no more “bitch tits” as I’ve heard them called; I have burgeoning pecs!!). Waist down 2.5 inches, hips down over 3 inches, and thighs down 2 inches. Best of all, body fat down 3.8 percent, and lean body mass up over four pounds (so that means I lost about 15 pounds of fat..WOW). SO motivational!


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